ikeGPS Accessories

ikeGPS Mobile GIS Accessories

For more information or to order ikeGPS™ accessories, please contact your regional sales representative.

This list is some of our more commonly sold accessory items. Our ikePro & ikeSolutions products include many of this items are as 'Field Accessories'. Please contact your ikeGPS sales representative for items that are suitable for requirements.


ike1000 Softcase

Softcase [930-00900]

Holster for ikeGPS that provides additional environmental protection, complete with shoulder strap. Included with ikePro configurations.

HardCase AllContents2 WhiteBackHardCase AllContents WhiteBack

Hardcase [930-00115]

Tough waterproof plastic case for ikeGPS, complete with foam cut-outs for ikeGPS, standard accessories, and batteries, etc. (Products shown fitted in Hardcase not included unless purchased separately).

Included with ikePro configurations.

Spare Battery

Spare Battery [930-00810]

Standard ike1000 Li-Ion battery (customer replaceable). Included with ikePro configurations.

Glare Shield

Glare Shield [930-00040]

For Glare Free LCD screen viewing.  Included with ikePro configurations.

Vehicle charger adaptor

Vehicle charger adaptor [930-00750]

Connects ikeGPS unit to standard 12V vehicle charger socket.

Travel charger

Travel Charger [930-00751]

For charging of ikeGPS spare battery (930-00810) and also includes Vehicle Charger adaptor (930-00750).  Included with ikePro configurations.

low magnetic signature tripod

Tripod [930-00775]

Low magnetic signature tripod and carry case.

Power Supply (International)

Spare Power Supply (International) [930-00815]

Power-pack/AC charger with all 4 interchangeable wall plugs (Types-A, -C, -G, and -I).

USB Interface cable

Spare USB Interface Cable [930-00816]

Replacement or spare USB cable (mini-USB to standard size).

External antenna

External Antenna [930-00765]

Adhesive-backed patch antenna with 3m cable.


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