Modernizing Measurements

Spike is the world’s first laser accurate Smartphone measurement solution. The Spike device, Spike mobile app, and your Smartphone work together to change the way measurements are taken and shared. Spike allows you to measure an object simply with a snap from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Measurements with your mobile device


  • Sign & Graphics

    Spike is ideal during the initial site survey and estimation process. Once on location, capture photos of the available space or existing signage using your Smartphone and Spike, and then take measurements from the photo using the Spike app. Measurements can be taken by drawing on the photo while on site, or once back at the office.

  • Appraisals & Assessments

    Simplify your measurement process by using Spike to quickly capture real-time measurements of a property – all from a single photo. Spike is the ideal tool to have on hand when visiting a property or building for measurements. Once on site, capture photos of the property using your Smartphone and Spike, and then take measurements (length, height, area) from the photo using the Spike app.

  • Construction

    From remodeling to restoration, contractors can quickly and easily size up their construction sites with Spike. Spike is ideal for exterior remodeling and restoration projects, including painting, siding, gutters, brick work, and scaffolding. Measurements are recorded with the photo, and can then be used for material estimates and costs, and to calculate bids for your customers.

  • Facility & Asset Management

    Spike makes performing inventories, collecting structural information, capturing asset location, and conducting condition and maintenance assessments quick, easy, and thorough. Your time to measure structures decreases from hours to minutes, and all you need to equip yourself with is Spike and your Smartphone. From a photo, capture measurements and the location (latitude, longitude, altitude) of the asset.

  • Architecture

    When working on existing buildings, whether commercial or residential, Spike enables architects and architectural designers to take quick measurements on site and back at the office. Simply capture a photo on your Smartphone or Tablet, and then calculate height, width, area, and line measurements of the building. Use the measurements to complete your project estimate, and add the saved photos to your records.

  • Government

    Spike allows you to measure objects, such as buildings, facilities, or assets, simply by capturing a photo from your Smartphone or Tablet. From that photo you can measure height, width, area, length, and cutout area. In addition, you can quickly and safely capture a target's location, your location, and a scaled image of the target. Location data includes latitude, longitude, and altitude.


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