Modernizing Measurements

Spike is the world’s first laser accurate Smartphone measurement solution. The Spike device, Spike mobile app, and your Smartphone work together to change the way measurements are taken and shared. Spike allows you to measure an object simply with a snap from your Smartphone or Tablet.

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For all kinds of Business and Personal Use

  • Architecture

    When working with existing structures, whether commercial or residential, Spike enables you to take fast, accurate, and verifiable measurements. As easily as you would take a photo, you can capture a calibrated image of a structure and its GPS location. Your customers will be impressed with the accuracy of your resource estimates, and how quickly you can calculate new estimates on the spot by simply referring to the saved image and data on your Smartphone.

  • Construction

    Precise measurements are the key to success if you work in commercial or residential construction. With Spike you can quickly and accurately prepare your bids with a simple snapshot from your Smartphone, and reference your measurement data at any time to confirm surface area or to calculate new measurements. Now you can order the correct amount of paint, siding, or lumber with confidence, bring the correct sized ladder, and stay on time and within budget.

  • Facility Management

    Spike provides building and structural facility managers and government organizations focused on asset measurements with efficient, reliable, and historical reporting. Your time to measure structures decreases from hours to minutes, and all you need to equip yourself with is Spike and your Smartphone. Capture precise measurements from the photo, including GPS location. Most importantly, the measurement and location data is saved with the photo, and can be accessed at any time.

  • Insurance

    As an insurance assessor, you know the importance of accurate records and measurements. Equipped with Spike you can more quickly and safely assess damages or potential hazards, and deliver your reports. Using Spike with your Smartphone you can capture accurate measurements and details with photos, which can be instantly shared with the policyholder and insurance company. The captured data can also be used to advise the policyholder and insurance company, and be referenced at any time.

  • Advertising

    With Spike, advertisers and marketers can easily capture measurements and visualize placement for all of their signage needs. Plan for indoor and outdoor banners and signage by taking a photo of the available space with Spike and your Smartphone. From that photo, calculate banner sizes that maximize and compliment the available space. Measurements are saved with the photo, and can be referenced at any time to review the data or take new measurements.


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  • reduce pole inspection and joint-use audit costs
  • streamline permit submissions and as-built processes


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